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Increasing in popularity all over the world, Sugarcrafting has long been popular in the UK and USA. A recent upsurge of cooking, baking and cake decorating TV programs have made people more and more interested in buying artistic looking cakes for all occasions.

We, at Sam’s Cake Factory take a lot of pride in introducing such a delicate art to the masses of this country. Continuous appreciation and support of our valued customers has made us a popular venture in a very short span of time.

Handmade and handcrafted masterpieces with a touch of genius and artistic impressions, these cakes represent true feelings, drama, action and comedy.

We need to amalgamate art, mathematics, geometry, sculpture, painting, drawing in addition to feelings, emotions and expression to create such beauties. Baking expertise is the basic requirement where it all begins from. Not only our designs but also flavors will excite you and your family, friends and guests alike.

Some professionals, making and decorating cakes for a living, would say that it is still not a viable business. The amount of time that is invested in making a delicate bouquet of flowers could be as much as 40-50 hours! However, the love of Sugarcrafting, the satisfaction that we feel when we have completed a work of art makes it all worthwhile!

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  • Certified Cake Artists in Pakistan with a passion to create unique Cake art.
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